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1. What is your biggest business problem or opportunity right now?

2. What industry is your business operating in and what are your key products or services you sell?

3. How many employees are there in your company?
a. 1 self employedb. 2-10c. 11-50d. 51-100e. 100+f. 1000+g. 5000+

4. Do you have an International Business or Strategy for International Business Development?

5. Do you have an idea-to-launch new product or service innovation process?

6. Ideally, what would you like accomplished?

7. What measures that are unique can we use for this project to measure success?

8. Please enter your name, title, tel # and email address 3 days/times that suit you for one of our Creatovate consultants to give you a call or meet face to face:
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