Nick Yiannakoudakis – ANZ Business Manager – Industrial at GrainCorp Foods (Dec, 2016)

Peter and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Creatovate this year and the Innovation session at our Sales Conference was certainly the most engaging of the two and a half days. Plenty of information was gathered from the session.


Eilonwy FungEilonwy Fung Account Manager – Asia at The Chia Co (July, 2016) Dermott brought extensive knowledge to our Asia markets entry strategy study project. Passionate and insightful, he is always enthusiastic in sharing examples from his experiences working with each market. He always has his clients’ interests at heart, yet focused on putting forward an unbiased recommendation. Having Dermott on the team has helped us streamline our goals, so that we can concentrate on achieving them.  It has been a true pleasure working with and learning from Dermott.

Felix van BrusselFelix van Brussel Head of International Business Development, Marketing & Sales at Chobani (Oct, 2014)
Dermott has assessed several potential distributors in the South East Asia area in order to come up with a recommendation which distributor to work with to launch Chobani in these countries. Dermott’s approach is very thorough, detailed and always well prepared. By using simple but effective financial models as well as objective methods of rating potential distributors, Dermott has presented a recommendation that has been implemented immediately. I was particularly impressed by his efficiency, his transparency and respect in communication with the various distributors and retailers as well as with myself as a client. This is clearly showing his commercial acumen and ability to deal with various (business) cultures. I would recommend working with Dermott when looking for very effective ready to use recommendations for international business expansion that are being delivered in a very detailed, well documented and time efficient manner. Dermott is a real asset to a team by bringing the extra energy and effort needed to step up international expansion.

Nico BeversNico Bevers  Vice President, International Business Development at Chobani (Jan, 2014)

I hired Dermott to help me develop the export strategy for Chobani Greek Yogurt from Australia to specific countries in Asia. Dermott has intimate knowledge of the entire region including its consumers, companies and customs, easily illustrated by his vast network of contacts. The project included each and every step required to build a solid business case, such as analysing regional markets, prioritizing countries using a bespoke financial model, analysing market entry options such as direct-to-retail and distributor partnerships, calculating optimum prices through modelling all steps and costs in the entire value chain, developing distributor agreements, all summarized into multi-year P&L statements. Next to Dermott’s professional capabilities, I very much enjoyed working with him as a person; Dermott is a service provider who doesn’t simply say whatever the client wants to hear, which something I appreciated tremendously.

Lisa FlowerLisa Flower Product Applications Leader at Mondelez International (Dec, 2013)

The Mondelez International Food Innovation Centre is a jointly funded venture between Mondelez International and the Victorian State Government, created to build capability within the Victorian food manufacturing industry. Within the program we offer Best Practice Innovation & Collaboration workshops for Small & Medium Enterprise. We had the pleasure, as part of the workshop to work with Dermott Dowling @Creatovate and Pat Tully @Fusion Learning. Pat & Dermott set up a fun and interactive learning environment to immerse the participants in the 7C’s framework for entry into a market and by the end of the session we were amazed at how the powerful and thorough, yet simple framework really challenged everyone’s thinking. We would highly recommend Pat & Dermott and the 7Cs framework they have created to any business looking at growing their business through new market entry.

Penny DeanPenny Dean  Innovation Manager at H.J. Heinz (Oct, 2013)

I’ve have been lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with Dermott as a consultant to Heinz in the execution of two key Stage-Gate initiatives in the last 12 months. On both occasions it’s been extremely valuable and enjoyable, bringing both focus and rigour to our business. Dermott holds a wealth of knowledge and insight in the area of innovation strategy and process and evokes passion for Stage-Gate in everyone he engages with. I would highly recommend him to future colleagues and co-workers as a partner in delivering “innovation and best-practice process”.

Doug & Gabi MichaelDoug & Gabi Michael – Co-Founders & Directors Gladfield Malt NZ (June, 2013)

Creatovate has been instrumental in helping us achieve market access into the Australian beer industry with our specialised brewing malts. Dermott and his team are not only good honest, hardworking blokes but are truly professional and motivated in everything they do. They have combined their extensive business experience and large network of contacts in the corporate world to help our company gain the traction needed to launch our export business. Creatovate has helped us build a sound business plan and design a strategy that works in the demanding environment we are targeting to obtain our objectives. The one word that best describes Creatovate is “Genuine.”

Cameron TurnerCameron Turner CEO – ProGel Pty Ltd, Managing Director – UniQuest (March, 2013)

Dermott is an incredibly useful resource for companies wanting to position new innovations with new or existing customers. Dermott understands the needs, demands and drivers in the food and beverage industry and understands how to engage with senior executives in both large and small food and beverage companies. Dermott assisted us with undertaking strategic consumer insight analysis and ensured we received a great deal more value than we would have had we managed the process alone. I don’t think I have worked with a more effective net-worker than Dermott. He was able to secure high level meetings for us with a specific list of Australian manufacturing and retail companies. Not only did Dermott secure the meetings, he helped us tailor our pitch and maintain momentum with the new contacts. We are now pursuing a number of valuable leads with large multi-national strategics as a direct result of Dermott’s assistance. Dermott understands consumer insight and the new product development process exceptionally well and was able to translate this knowledge to our start-up very effectively. I’m a big fan.

Helen ReeceHelen Reece  General Manager – Marketing & Innovation at Bulla Dairy Foods (January, 2013)

In 2012 I had the pleasure of working with Dermott and a cross functional team at Bulla to design and embed a bespoke Stage Gate process to enable Bulla to create value through innovation. Dermott followed a structured approach, taking the time to understand our business and its needs and agreeing outcomes, before moving into design and implementation. Dermott delivered a lean Bulla Stage Gate process which designed out bureaucracy, and which has given us the flexibility we wanted alongside the rigour that an effective process requires. I highly recommend Dermott, both for the quality of the process he created for us, but most importantly for his key strength which is his ability to inspire teams. Through sharing his extensive knowledge of and passion for Stage Gate, Dermott inspired the team, and gave them the confidence to be internal ambassadors for the process. It’s this legacy of a passionate and committed group of Super Users that will ensure the long term success of the Bulla Stage Gate process. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dermott, and I look forward to doing so again.