Dermott Dowling – Managing Director  View Dermott Dowling's profile on LinkedIn
Dermott is a strategic, innovative, business professional with a passion for building great brands, businesses and teams. A Member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Australia with extensive corporate and client experience and achievements across companies, countries and cultures.  Dermott lectures on Global Business Strategy at Swinburne University and loves helping clients capture opportunity and solve their business growth challenges.
Roger Lew – Senior Associate Consultant  View Roger Lew's profile on LinkedIn
Roger Lew is an experienced business professional specialising in the effective management of financial analytics and operations. A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Roger has developed a career across a wide range of industry leading companies giving him a unique view for developing solutions to client needs.
Kevin O’Reilly – Senior Associate Consultant View Kevin O'Reilly's profile on LinkedIn
Kevin O’Reilly is an experienced consumer and customer insights researcher specialising in sensory evaluation and consumer behaviour. Coming from many years experience in Research and Development teams, he brings a unique perspective on launching products.  Member of the Australian Institute of Food Scientists and Technologists, Kevin’s sole objective is to provide relevant actionable outcomes tailored specifically to a clients vision and capacity and capability.